History and Corporate Profile

Anima is one of Brazil’s largest private higher education organizations, both in terms of revenue and the number of enrolled students, according to Hoper Educao. On December 31, 2014, Anima had more than 79,000 students enrolled in classroom courses at 18 campuses located in the states of Minas Gerais and So Paulo. The Company is uniquely positioned with respect to other companies in the industry, including the publicly-held firms, which allows Anima to reconcile scale with the provision of high quality teaching. Anima has more than 10 years of experience in Brazilian higher education, with a network of three University Centers (UNA, UniBH and Unimonte) in the states of Minas Gerais and So Paulo, and two Colleges in the cities of Betim and Contagem (Minas Gerais), as well as traditional, recognized brands, with more than 40 years of history. The portfolio also includes HSM, one of the most renowned corporate education institutions in Brazil.

The group was formed in 2003, with the acquisition of Minas Gerais Educao Ltda., which ran the UNA University Center ("UNA") in Belo Horizonte, one of the city’s traditional institutions of higher education.

In 2006, the founding shareholders also acquired Associao Educacional do Litoral Santista - AELIS, which ran the Monte Serrat University Center ("Unimonte"), an institution created in the 1970s in the city of Santos, on the coast of the State of So Paulo. By acquiring Unimonte, the founders were able to perform an administrative, financial, academic, image and personnel restructuring process, with a focus on integrated management (particularly in the financial and personnel areas) and make a focused effort to academically integrate with UNA, providing significant increases in the quality of the teaching.

In early 2009, the subsidiary Instituto Mineiro de Educao e Cultura UniBH S.A. ("UniBH"), acquired the rights to run the University Center of Belo Horizonte UniBH, from FUNDAC-BH. The University Center of Belo Horizonte (UniBH) is one of the city‘s most traditional institutions. Founded in 1964, it has set the standard for teaching, research and continuing education in the region. It was named the best University Center in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte (RMBH) in the General Index of Courses (INEP/MEC, 2010). Following the examples of the restructuring of UNA and Unimonte, a broad and significant restructuring process was carried out at UniBH, which was in a delicate financial situation.

In 2010 and 2011, two of our institutions (UNA and UniBH) were among the top three private University Centers in Minas Gerais, and were classified as the top two private University Centers in Belo Horizonte, based on the IGC ranking released by the Ministry of Education (MEC). Anima offers a broad portfolio of courses in all areas of education, with Undergraduate courses, Graduate courses and Continuing Education and Professional Development courses. In addition to offering classroom courses, there is a structured project that will offer a wide range of Distance Learning courses, which obtained the maximum score for institutional accreditation from the MEC in 2013. In July 2014, the MEC accredited UNA University Center to offer distance learning courses.

Anima has a 100% stake in HSM, acquired in March 2013. HSM is a leader in the organization of major business management events, with an average annual audience of between eight and nine thousand participants, most of them senior executives from large companies. The events organized by HSM in Brazil aim to stimulate the discussion of the issues at the forefront of global management, and include the participation of world-renowned speakers. HSM, founded more than 25 years ago, also offers In Company courses, which are specially created in terms of methodology and monitoring to meet the needs of companies in relation to developing their employees and leaders. We closed 2014 with 10 such ongoing courses. HSM also has its own publishing house, which is responsible for publishing select titles, as well as HSM Management Magazine, a renowned management and business publication, other physical media and digital publications, in addition to organizing events, forums and seminars geared towards business leaders, with the participation of famous corporate market names.

Starting from an initial operation in 2003 with two campuses and approximately 3,800 enrolled students, the Company has shown solid and consistent growth in its results over the last 11 years, through both organic growth and acquisitions.

It is a principle at Anima to preserve and foster interaction between students and professors, respecting the autonomy and characteristics of its teachers, in balance with the economies of scale and quality provided through the standardization of curricular guidelines, processes and systems. The academic model, which began to be implemented in 2008, is based on a proprietary educational methodology that includes a very strong interdisciplinary approach, with a focus on the development of skills, in addition to a modular curricular organization, within which are established lines of education indicating the basic elements of the student‘s progression through the course. The modular curriculum approach provides real flexibility to the management of academics, resulting in higher quality education, as evidenced by the rankings and results of evaluations released by the MEC on an annual basis.

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